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Bodkin Island 23 August 2023
Agricultural Fairs, 2023 25 July 2023
The Census, checkboxes, and multiracial identity 10 February 2023
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Wild rice at Jug Bay 6 November 2022
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Tred Avon 15 May 2022
Some interesting words, June 2021 2 June 2021
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Elk Neck 27 May 2021
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Along the Patapsco at Ilchester 7 March 2021
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Patuxent River State Park 25 June 2020
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The Baltimore rail network 22 April 2020
Some interesting words, May 2020 31 March 2020
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Franklin Point 2 September 2019
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Frederick, Maryland 25 August 2019
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Hillen Terminal, Baltimore, Maryland 26 November 2018
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Marshes at Jug Bay 26 August 2018

On the Patuxent River

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A Pigeon’s Friend 11 July 2018

Terrible Food Truck Ideas #8

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Baltimore harbor and tributaries 10 July 2018

A map of Baltimore's rivers and creeks

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A modeshare snapshot of 17th St. NW 5 June 2018

A modeshare snapshot

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CSO #043, Rock Creek, D.C. 3 June 2018

Combined sewer overflow

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Rock Creek in the snow, D.C. 21 March 2018

An early-spring snowstorm

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Eckington, D.C. 2 January 2018

Former printing plant off the Met Branch

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Imagining a safer 18th St. NW 12 June 2017

Tools to envision different street layouts

Some interesting words, fall 2016 21 November 2016

laneways, cellar dirt, zero-knowledge proofs, and the modifiable areal unit problem

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DC and Maryland Railroad Lines 13 June 2016
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A plank of wood; a slab of stone 7 March 2016
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Northwest Branch 28 February 2016

Along the Northwest Branch of the Anacostia

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The Brewer’s Archipelago and Distillery Islands, 2015 21 August 2015

Updated map of DC's distilleries and breweries

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More D.C. streams in 1859 Updated 28 February 2016

Uncovering long-lost historic hydrologic features.

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Rock Creek Trails 25 May 2015
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DC–Baltimore Railroads and Terrain 25 May 2015
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Vanderbilt Yard, Brooklyn, N.Y. 8 April 2015

Vanderbilt Yard and the future Pacific Park development

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Color 27 February 2015
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NYC Subway Elevated Structures 21 February 2015
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Broad Channel, Queens, N.Y. 29 January 2015
Class Ideas 26 November 2014
Evergreen 4 September 2014

No news is old news?

Drought-shaming 3 September 2014

Too little water

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Résistant du mois d’Août 25 August 2014

France 1944

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Retractile bridge 22 August 2014

Moving sideways rather than up

Spartina 21 August 2014


Forces Françaises de l’Intérieur 19 August 2014

The French Resistance and de Gaulle

Pumpjack 13 August 2014

Nodding donkeys

Schrödinger's carrot 12 August 2014

Carrot or stick?

Overhire 11 August 2014

All hands!

Ceeb u jeen 8 August 2014

Food in Senegal

K-20 7 August 2014

More than K-12

Womp womp 6 August 2014


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Six minute rule 5 August 2014

Navigation by rule of thumb

Brown goods 4 August 2014

Comparing aged and unaged spirits

Snowfalling 1 August 2014

Newspaper stories as spectacles

Beg Button 31 July 2014

Pedestrian-hostile design

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Etaoin Shrdlu 30 July 2014

Cryptography, journalism, and hot metal

Bus Number 29 July 2014

Tragic events and organizational strength

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Anacostia River at Bladensburg, Md. 30 June 2014

Floodgates, levees, and marshes

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Blue 6 June 2014

Hana Market, Adams Morgan

Some interesting words, spring 2014 30 April 2014

In the A Block: sacrificial landscapes, non-distiller producers, shou-sugi-ban, and filer à l'anglaise

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The Brewer's Archipelago and Distillery Islands 11 February 2014

Mapping DC's distilleries and breweries

More words I like 21 December 2013

A raft of otters took the yachtie's fill device in a black bag job

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Free in Baltimore 17 December 2013

More goods for the taking

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Free! 10 December 2013

Good homes wanted

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Swampoodle is back on Google Maps 5 October 2013

Chalk one up for historic neighborhood names

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SE/SW Waterfront 26 September 2013

Pictures from the SE/SW waterfront area

Tradecraft and countersurveillance references 26 September 2013

A few tradecraft, countersurveillance, and intelligence references

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DC streams in 1859, plotted on a modern map 7 July 2013

Uncovering long-lost historic hydrologic features.

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Really big pipes 24 May 2013

Preview of the Hidden Rivers and Lost Neighborhoods bike tour.

Lost Watercourses of D.C. 23 May 2013

Maps of DC's long-lost rivers.

Higher education is more varied than we know 21 May 2013

What can design schools offer us for the future of education?

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Gardens on a rainy Saturday 18 May 2013

A tour of four gardens in NW DC – a fine way to spend a drizzly Saturday.

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A Street in Brooklyn; an Alley in Queens 7 September 2009

Pondering a mysterious street on the edge of Bushwick