Brown goods

Brown goods : in alcohol production, aged spirits like bourbon and whiskey.

Compare with white goods, gin neutral spirits, which are also known as GNS.

Lawrenceburg Distillers Indiana (LDI), a large distillery named after the town where it operates, produces both brown goods and white goods. “The popularity of wheat-based spirits, mainly in the white goods category, has grown in recent years. We expect this to favorably impact demand for products in the brown goods category, as well […],” said the distillery’s David Dykstra. 1

photo of distillery

MGP plant in Lawrenceburg, Indiana, from Bing Maps (image by Microsoft/Pictometry).

LDI is the largest gin producer in the country, but it does not sell any products under its own name, instead distilling (and sometimes aging) spirits under contract for other companies. Whiskeys from Lawrenceburg include Bulleit, Templeton, and Redemption.2

“White goods” can also refer to household appliances which are often sold with a white enamel finish.

  1. From the Chuck Cowdery blog, a fine resource about American whiskey and other spirits. LDI was acquired by MGP Ingredients, Inc. 

  2. Again, Chuck Cowdery is a fine source. Most of the rye whiskey in the US comes from LDI.