DC and Maryland Railroad Lines

[The interactive map is not currently available. It was hosted on an older mapping service, which has now been sunset, but I hope to bring it back.]

It’s difficult, on the major online maps, to see railroads at all, let alone to understand railroad systems. Even popular vector tile providers like Mapbox Streets, the Mapzen vector tile service, and OSM2VectorTiles drop out railroads at lower zoom levels—the scales that are necessary in order to visualize regional networks. Similarly, features of great operating interest remain unlabeled.

This map aims to help readers to construct a view of Maryland and DC railroads at multiple scales. It provides names of lines, yards and junctions, and major customers. Older operating companies and former rail lines are identified, when available. The routes on the ground come from OSM, but names of features generally come from textual sources.

Compare with a map of DC—Baltimore area railroads plotted against terrain, which looks more closely at the relationship between routes and topography.


Spatial data from OpenStreetMap and Mapbox Streets.