Some interesting words, spring 2014

Some recent additions to the list of words that I like or find interesting. The list now stands at 6376 lines.

Particularly noted: filer à l’anglaise is the French term for what the British call French leave.

NORC : naturally occurring retirement community
repressive apparatus (Marxist) [man at coffeeshop, warmly]
manic pixie dream girl [from EG]
French leave : English for departing without saying goodbye to host
filer à l’anglaise : French for departing without saying goodbye to host
ship stopper (Royal Australian Navy) : person who must be in a ship’s company
sericulture [LB sends] : the rearing of silkworms
glossolalia : speaking in an apparently unknown langauge
listicle : reprehensible story structure in Internet journalism
brown goods : bourbons and whiskeys
white goods : gin, neutral spirits
Obama bump (DC restaurants)
double-double (Canadian) : double cream, double sugar coffee at Tim Horton’s
interrogation (of data) [from WS]
microcopy (UX)
orthophotoquad (from long ago) : aerial photo corrected as a substitute for a map
jökulhlaup (Icelandic) : glacial lake outburst flood
low educational attainment
impostor syndrome
prescriptivist poppycock
genny (Aus.?) : generator
womp womp [from AL]
brekkie (UK) : breakfast
K–20 (in education)
P–20 (in education)
dingbat (LA) : apartment building w. parking in open area below
shou-sugi-ban (Japanese) : method of finishing wood by scorching it
quelle couchemare [from NG]
mashrabiya (window type)
distillate (in industrial processes and the petroleum industry)
show flow (theatre) [from VR]
Cave Dwellers (DC history)
“A” block (tv news)
sacrificial landscape
Schrödinger’s carrot [my coinage]
Black British
non-distiller producer (whiskey)
T-wall [from CC]
OOOI (aviation) : Out of Gate, Off the Runway, On the Runway, In the Gate
TEU : twenty-foot equivalent unit
gerrymeandering [@beyonddc coinage]
chosen-plaintext attack (cryptography)
SOT (broadcast journalism) : sound on tape
qanat / qanāt (Arabic) : system of horizontal wells
haenyeo (Korea) : women who dive for fish
cuisine à la bière (Belgian)
Cold Food Day (China)
hot milk cake (Southern US)
watering hole attack (computer security)
loam and lovechild : genre of UK novels, most of them terrible
longitudinal data
boo! (in writing, as commentary)
back block (Australian)
skipping (UK) [from RF] : dumpster diving