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User experience design, information architecture, type/layout for screens, and front-end web development
Earth Journalism Network and Internews
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The Earth Journalism Network, or EJN, works to advance the state of reportage on environmental issues around the world, particularly in developing countries. The project grew out of Internews, a civil society and media nonprofit. Unlike most of its peers, EJN operates with a grassroots structure and on a minimal budget. The network connects individual journalists, offering them training, republishing their stories, and building tools to support their work – everything from data-sharing websites to $20 air pollution sensors.

I worked on a multiyear project with EJN, consulting on content strategy and user experience, and also imagining the shape that the project might take. I designed and helped to develop publishing systems for several related news sites (, the Mekong Eye, the Third Pole, and the Third Pole DataNet), and a series of single-story sites that document the effects of climate change on communities around the globe.

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Member journalists reported a tremendous improvement in usability and an increase in the site’s value to them. Before, members visited the main EJN site mostly to apply for grants. Now, 86% rely on the site as a source for news and background material, and 82% consider that it has improved the quality of their work. Membership increased three- or four-fold; the relaunched network grew to 5,000–11,000 members (the figure varies depending on standards for active participation) in 113 countries.