Export from Illustrator to PDF

GDES-270 fall 2020 (David Ramos, American University Design)
ramos@american.edu · office hours

For some projects, you’ll need to export your Illustrator drawings into PDF files.


  1. In Illustrator, File ➔ Save As…
  2. In the Save As… dialog box, specify a filename (firstname lastname gt), set the file location to your proejct folder, choose the format Adobe PDF (pdf), and click Save.
  3. Illustrator will show you a Save Adobe PDF dialog box. Leave the format as the Illustrator Default preset and click Save PDF.
  4. The dialog box will close and return you to your file. You might note that the filename now ends in .pdf.
  5. With this PDF file open in Illustrator, use the Artboard tool to select and delete any artboards that you don’t want to turn in.
  6. Save the file (File ➔ Save As…) and close it.
  7. Check that your PDF file contains the right images.
  8. Upload your file to Dropbox. If you used any images that you did not create, be sure to include a readme file with a note about your sources.