David Ramos

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Anacostia River at Bladensburg, Md. 30 June 2014

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Floodgates, levees, and marshes

Blue 6 June 2014
Some interesting words, spring 2014 30 April 2014
The Brewer's Archipelago and Distillery Islands 11 February 2014
More words I like 21 December 2013
DC streams in 1859, plotted on a modern map 7 July 2013

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Uncovering long-lost historic hydrologic features.

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I'm a designer, developer, and design educator who:

I’m an alum of the RISD MFA design program. I’m based in DC, but between time in Providence and Western Mass, I’ve come to know and love New England.

Practice areas Design: graphic design, interaction/user experience, and information design. Web development: Django/Python, ExpressionEngine, WordPress (sometimes), and HTML/CSS/JavaScript.