GDES-315 spring 2019 (David Ramos, American University Design) · office hours · interaction design resources

Typography + the new CSS layout

This project examines web typography in more depth, and lets you work with new CSS layout tools, Grid and Flexbox. We’ll introduce a visual prototyping and drawing tool, Figma, and experiment with moving back and forth between design and code. (more)

Resource conservation

Create a capsule version of the 2018 National Climate Assessment, designed and built for high usability on the kinds of slow internet connections that are common across this country and around the world. (more)

Information architecture

Work on a website where the structure—the relationships between discrete pieces of content—is itself a significant decision. Website subject matter is pending, but it might be a collection of threatened regional foods, a tactical urbanism toolbox, or a guide to U.S. national parks and public lands. (more)

Publishing systems

Design a website that serves readers in a variety of contexts, but especially, passengers on public transit and intercity rail. Either create a web exhibit of artifacts from the collection of the Science Museum in the UK, or redesign the website of Greater Greater Washington. You might take this project to work with a content management system, or you can instead produce a more complex and thoroughly-documented design. (more)