Interactive Experience Design: Senior Projects

GDES-425 spring 2017 · American University Design
Instructor: David Ramos ( · office hours )


Readings are listed under the class when they are due. ¶ See also the resources site.

This week

Th 19 Jan #01


  • Intro

M 23 Jan #02


  • Communicating design in three dimensions
  • Bring craft knife, tape, and board or cardboard


  • Coffee: Show three study models; give three-minute presentation about present two thematic/conceptual approaches
  • Portfolio: Show your portfolio or portfolio site in class


Th 26 Jan #03

Field trip

🏢 National Museum of American History. Meet in main lobby on south (Mall) side at 2:30 p.m. Bring materials for taking notes and sketching.


  • Capstone: For this class, review exhibit listings on American History Museum website and start thinking about which exhibits might serve as starting points.
  • Coffee: Carry on work. No critique.


M 30 Jan #04


  • Capstone: Give a ten-minute presentation about two possible topics. Include images.

Th 2 Feb #05



  • Coffee: Bring in developed sketch models; work on moving to 2D representation

M 6 Feb #06


  • Studio



  • Coffee: Finish model (unless we’ve spoken about an alternative)
  • Capstone: Be able to give speak concisely about your idea (in one to three sentences)
  • Portfolio: Show your existing portfolio, on a website if possible

Th 9 Feb #07


  • Consequences? Interaction, popup ads, and the 2016 presidential election



  • Final critique for Coffee

M 13 Feb #08


  • Capstone: Conduct research about your topic. Give a five-minute talk, with some kind of visuals, speaking to the audiences you hope to reach and what they should take from your mobile exhibit.
  • Portfolio: We’ll do small group critiques and plan-setting in class.

Th 16 Feb #09

Field trip

🏢 Some Were Neighbors special exhibition at US Holocaust Memorial Museum. Meet at 3:00 pm in the museum’s atrium, after passing through the security check. Tour will end at 4:00 pm—you can visit the main exhibition if you would like.

M 20 Feb #10


From here, unless otherwise specified, we’ll be doing group or individual critiques for the capstone project on Mondays, and portfolio site and exit interview/presentation critiques on Thursdays. These are informal critiques, but aim to show progress each week.


Show three concepts, with images/diagrams/drawings to pin up (or to show on-screen if motion-based or interactive). Support your ideas with information about intended audiences.

Th 23 Feb #11


In class, we’ll discuss your portfolios, probably in pairs, and set plans.

M 27 Feb #12


Present research on precedents—other examples of work—that speak to what you’re doing.

Th 2 Mar #13

Field Trip

🏢 Visit to iStrategyLabs. Meet at ISL offices (641 S St. NW) at 2:30 p.m.

M 6 Mar #14


Th 9 Mar #15

M 13 Mar

Spring break

Th 16 Mar

M 20 Mar #16

Th 23 Mar #17

M 27 Mar #18

Th 30 Mar #19

M 3 Apr #20

Th 6 Apr #21

M 10 Apr #22

Th 13 Apr #23

M 17 Apr #24

Practice interviews

  • Alice
  • Daniella
  • Janella
  • Lexie (?)
  • Casey (?)

Th 20 Apr #25

Practice interviews

  • Julienne
  • Allison
  • Milvia (?)
  • Casey

M 24 Apr #26

Studio work on your own

Th 27 Apr #27

Practice interviews

  • Tyler
  • Natalie
  • Yuki

M 1 May #28


Final group critique, all projects

Tu 2 May

Exam period (no class)

  • Exit interviews

W 3 May

  • Exit interviews

Th 4 May

  • Exit interviews

M 8 May

  • Email the web address for your portfolio
  • Transmit materials for your capstone by 1:00 p.m. (Consider uploading to Dropbox.)
  • Congratulations!