Interactive Web Design I · DM2280B spring 2013 · Corcoran College of Art + Design
Instructor: David Ramos

Choose a story from Studio 360, RadioLab, The Story, or This American Life. Listen to or otherwise review the piece and create a visual, tablet publication that responds to it. Start by typesetting a transcript of the piece, then your own voice into the piece. What do you want a reader to experience? Add content that you have created or uncovered through research. Deliver your publication as a DPS folio.


Your assignment is to create a publication of some kind; think of it as a magazine, book, zine, or pamphlet, however you prefer. In any case, do define the audience you want to reach. There are three layers to this piece: creating or curating the content that goes into it; producing a design for the magazine, and imagining the interactions and navigational systems that readers will experience.

Add to the basic story. Think about the opening spread of a magazine article, or a newspaper story and sidebars, or the links off of a Wikipedia article. Bring in your own ideas, through design or extra content.

chapbook: a small pamphlet containing tales, ballads, or tracts, sold by peddlers (New Oxford American Dictionary)

For scale, think of this as a kind of chapbook: a small publication, pocketable, quick, and the seat for experiments.


Study ways of telling stories in a tablet format, and practice producing a publication using DPS. Work with projects that integrate text, image, and time-based media, and consider the use of navigation and sequence for tablets. Experiment with using an existing story as a springboard for your own design.


A DPS folio for the piece, designed for a 1024 × 768 px device. For orientations, you may choose to provide horizontal, vertical, or both. Your piece must include type and hyperlinks; it may include images, animations, live web content, and audio or video.

Sharing publications

Please share DPS folios with

Evaluation criteria

15% Concept	
20% Usability and navigation
15% Visual design and screen typography
10% Use of sequence
20% Content
20% Craft (details; does it work?)


Plan on presenting final work on 13 November.

Published 2013-10-09. Added DPS instructions 2013-10-16.