Interactive Web Design I · DM2280B spring 2013 · Corcoran College of Art + Design
Instructor: David Ramos

This one-week project introduces ways of navigating information within a touchscreen device.

  1. Look at the websites for three Frederick, Md. restaurants, Volt Restaurant, Volt Lunchbox, and Family Meal.
  2. Consider the structure of the menus. Think about the contexts under which people might use these menus.
  3. Design an interface that presents the three menus, schedules, and addresses, for a touchscreen smartphone.

You are designing an efficient way for people to read the menus on a smartphone. That’s a narrow scope, but this is an exercise in navigation, not a project about restaurant website design. Your task is not to convince people to visit these restaurants. It will not be sufficient to make the menus readable or aesthetically appealing. You need to design a way to help people find and move through this information on a small screen.


Produce documents on paper or on screen that explain your design without your needing to demonstrate or present. You may hand-draw this if you take extreme care.


Present final work on 5 September.

Published 2012-08-29.