Issue Poster

GDES-200 fall 2019 (David Ramos, American University Design) · office hours

Design a poster that addresses a social, politcal, or environmental issue. Choose an issue that has a relationship to a particular place that you know, possibly a place in the broader Chesapeake Bay region.

Beall poster

Lester Beall, Rural Electrification Administration, 1937 (MoMA).

Occupy poster

Adbusters, Occupy Wall Street, 2011 (more at Design Observer).

Solidarnosc poster

Tomasz Sarnecki, Solidarność (Solidarity), 1989.

Tulane poster

Martin Venezky, Tulane.

Process and requirements

Start with research so that you gain a strong understanding of the issue. Move from there to exploring ideas through sketching, photography, and collecting materials—you should examine three or more concepts in rough form. Create one final poster.

The poster should contain a headline that speaks about your topic; it should likely include additional text as subheads and, perhaps, a short paragraph. Provide imagery to accompany the text.

Provide a separate PDF with citations for any work that is not your own. You may borrow images, if need be, but consider using outside images as reference for your own.