GDES-220 spring 2018 (David Ramos, American University Design) · office hours · interaction design resources

Sprawling software platforms like Facebook and Google domainate today’s networked society, but the web is deeply rooted in the idea of self-publishing and interoperability. This project lets you experiment with building your own publishing system, part of a larger media ecosystem for the class. It also gives you a place to write and to share ideas.

Create, design, and write for a blog, hosted on GitHub Pages and maintained using Jekyll. Develop the habit of posting to this blog regularly–you can write about what you like, but you’ll have to include material about the intersection of design, technology, and society.

You’ll need to publish at least 50 posts over the semester. Get in the habit of posting regularly. Posts might take many forms, some of them quite short, such as:

You may publish under a psuedonum. I will link to your site from these pages, but will only provide your initials. Know that your blog’s web address will incorporate your GitHub username, so choose that username with care.

Writing in Markdown

Want to make a link? The code:

I appreciated the eye images on 
[AIGA Eye on Design](

produces this output:

I appreciated the eyes on AIGA Eye on Design.

Markdown reference