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Some interesting words, fall 2016 21 November 2016

laneways, cellar dirt, zero-knowledge proofs, and the modifiable areal unit problem

Evergreen 4 September 2014

No news is old news?

Drought-shaming 3 September 2014

Too little water

Résistant du mois d’Août 25 August 2014

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France 1944

Retractile bridge 22 August 2014

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Moving sideways rather than up

Spartina 21 August 2014


Forces Françaises de l’Intérieur 19 August 2014

The French Resistance and de Gaulle

Pumpjack 13 August 2014

Nodding donkeys

Schrödinger's carrot 12 August 2014

Carrot or stick?

Overhire 11 August 2014

All hands!

Ceeb u jeen 8 August 2014

Food in Senegal

K-20 7 August 2014

More than K-12

Womp womp 6 August 2014


Six minute rule 5 August 2014

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Navigation by rule of thumb

Brown goods 4 August 2014

Comparing aged and unaged spirits

Snowfalling 1 August 2014

Newspaper stories as spectacles

Beg Button 31 July 2014

Pedestrian-hostile design

Etaoin Shrdlu 30 July 2014

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Cryptography, journalism, and hot metal

Bus Number 29 July 2014

Tragic events and organizational strength

Some interesting words, spring 2014 30 April 2014

In the A Block: sacrificial landscapes, non-distiller producers, shou-sugi-ban, and filer à l'anglaise

More words I like 21 December 2013

A raft of otters took the yachtie's fill device in a black bag job