GDES-360 spring 2023 / David Ramos, American University Design

Spatial + final project

Produce an information graphic that combines spatial and quantitative data, on a topic that you propose.

Start by exploring topics. Write up a one-paragraph proposal that details the question you want to explore, the datasets you will work with, and the visualization formats that you plan to use.

As with previous projects, move through an iterative design process: gather data, generate rough visualizations and improve them in a drawing tool, and use drawing tools to combine several visualizations on a page. Refine your work on the basis of advice you receive in critiques.

Specifications and requirements


Data source tips


Examples of work that combines mapping with other visualization methods. Look at these for technique only. Of these, only the New York Times flooding piece would meet expectations for this assignment.

map with flooding

A Sharp Increase in “Sunny Day” Flooding, by Jonathan Corum, New York Times, 2016.

map with symbols

From Fortune, 1941. By Richard Edes Harrison.

infographic example

The Guardian

infographic example

London Squared, by After the Flood