GDES-315 fall 2023 / David Ramos, American University Design


Design a website to promote travel to a small local destination. Explain your design by creating an interactive prototype. Focus on designing with grids, layout, type, and image choices.

Choose a site in the DC area, a place of local rather than national significance and not a museum.



We are following an abbreviated interaction (or user experience, more conventionally) design process so that this project can focus on your gaining expertise with prototyping tools, and on designing affordances and signifiers within screens.

For the first week’s critique, bring in sketches for three different concepts. Show us color, type choices, grids, layouts, and image possibilities.


Two hints: First, spend most of your time working at 100% zoom. New designers have a habit of working zoomed-out on Figma, which makes their type and design elements too small. Second, give yourself margins at the sides of the page and between elements. You can have a margin even if a background image runs all the way to the edge of the page.