GDES-425 spring 2017 · American University Design
Instructor: David Ramos ( · office hours )

Half a dozen of the region’s coffee roasters are collaborating to showcase their products in a popup storefront. Most of the space holds seating for customers and events, as well as a prep and sales area for staff. Your task is to design a long, narrow display space along the side of the store, for housing bags of beans for sale, and also telling a story through text and images.

The display space measures 5 ft. wide, 15 ft. long, and 12 ft. tall. One of the long sides opens to the rest of the store. This space is for display and browsing only: sales, brewing, and other activities take place elsewhere. You may do anything you like within this space, although customers should be able to walk into at least part of it.

You need to showcase bags of beans from each of the producers, but the number and variety of products is up to you. Messaging is similarly up to you.

This project offers and introduction to graphics and experience within space, and to ways of experimenting with three-dimensional form.

Final deliverables

Please submit photos or scans of analog materials, for records.


Ceremony, Compass, Vigilante. M.E. Swing’s, Qualia, Quartermaine, and Zeke’s. You may add other producers, provided that they roast beans in D.C., Maryland, or Virginia.